• Booking is recommended for all classes to guarantee you a place
  • We will continue to limit class numbers to allow for comfortable physical distancing
  • If you book a space in a class and you can no longer attend please let the teacher know ( we may be able to fill your place from a wait list.)
  • Please stay home if you are unwell and take care of yourself and others
  • We encourage you to bring your own Yoga mat. However if you do not have one you are welcome to use one of ours


Slow Flow Yoga

A strong and slow flow practice based around Sun Salutations with a sequence that remains fundamentally the same; building confidence with familiarity as we build strength and mobility. Leaving the class with a spring in your step! 

Suitable for all: beginners to those with experience. Options and variations are given. 

The Papakura Yoga Centre have created a safe and supportive environment for me to practice my love of yoga. Having practiced yoga for 10 years I knew the importance of breath, stretching the body, holding and creating space, and of course awareness. (Juliet) and Janine are unique with their teaching style one of student to student – they walk their talk – and they are fun. - Colleen Bryant

Beginner - all levels

An ideal entry level class - also suitable for those with some prior yoga experience. Foundation poses and movement principles which support sound alignment and healthy posture are taught. There is also a focus on integrating mindfulness, breath and conscious relaxation skills.Building a sound base from which to move confidently into other yoga classes.

"Having not attended yoga before, I was a little apprehensive about what to expect. I was made to feel welcome and totally at ease. It was great to have a small amount of 'me' time, to ease the weekly stresses, and feel a great sense of well-being."

Level 1 - General

A perfect follow on class from beginners and also suitable for those with prior yoga experience. We continue to build on the foundations as we introduce a wider range of movements. In these multi level classes we offer variations; encouraging people to choose the most suitable variation for their body.

"I started yoga as I wanted to tone up and lose weight. However, I’ve realised it is so much more than that. It’s helped me sort out all kinds of niggly aches and pains, improved my flexibility, fitness levels, posture and has even helped me to sleep better. The biggest benefit – and most surprising to me – has been the mental outcome. I find it relaxes me and is a huge stress reliever. It has also sharpened my focus, while helping me achieve a new level of serenity in certain situations. It may all sound a bit 'new-agey', but it is true and I am delighted that I started. Also, the pace of the class, the teachers and the dynamics between the participants, present a great balance between being challenging and supportive. I highly recommend Papakura Yoga" - Justine

Level 2 - General

A dynamic Yoga class ( not recommended if you have no prior yoga experience) expanding on the foundation practice to develop strength, stamina and mobility.

Vinyasa Yoga

A dynamic flow class based around Sun Salutations. This practice warms the body whilst building strength and mobility. The sequence will remain fundamentally the same each week developing confidence through the familiar routine. Suitable for all - from Beginners to those with experience. Variations will be offered as required)

Yin/Restore Yoga

In this Restorative Yoga Class the physical body Rests in comfortable positions that support a deep "Relaxation Response" The Relaxation Response is characterized by a change in the Breathing Rhythm ( slows down ) a slower Heart Rate and a lowering of blood pressure. This profound practice can be a wonderful Tonic for us all in these busy and sometimes stressful times.

" We must Rest......... or we will become Restless........Learn to Feel your Noble Tiredness and make an generous place for it in your life and enjoyment will surely follow" ( Michael Leunig )

Note: This class takes place once a month, please check timetable for next date. Bookings essential 

Prenatal Class

This class is designed to help keep your body strong and supple during pregnancy. 5 week rolling course, join anytime. 

Booking required* 

"Your words from the yoga classes really helped me during my birth. It was probably the best labour and delivery of my 3 - and I think its because my head (mentally) was in such a better place and my breathing with the natural opening and closing and contracting you spoke about really helped." - Anne

Private Sessions

Cost: 1 Hour $90

1 hour $90.00 suitable for anyone with specific needs or areas of interest they wish to explore in depth with a teacher.

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